Students participating in the 4-week Stress Clinic classes will receive didactic training in skills and strategies for managing stress & anxiety, and enhancing relaxation.

Effective stress management begins with bodily relaxation because it’s difficult to feel or behave at ease when the body is tense. Tension points can range from tight shoulder muscles, to a rumbling stomach, to grinding teeth. However, it is often only when tension buildup erupts via a headache or upset stomach that we finally become aware of this tension. During the Stress Clinic classes, students will better understand their stress response, learn various stress management techniques and exercises, and connect with fellow Emory students.

Students who are interested in the Stress Clinic classes can sign up using the following steps

  1. Go to and sign in using your Emory credentials
  2. Search for “stress clinic” using the search bar
  3. RSVP for the stress clinic session of your choice (we highly encourage you to attend all 4 modules - you can attend modules in any order)

If you have any questions, contact Dr. Meenakshi Palaniappan at

Contact and Hours of Operation

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Phone: (404) 727-7450
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Hours of Operation: 8:30-5:00, Monday-Friday

PLEASE NOTE: If Emory University is closed due to weather or other emergency, then CAPS is also closed. In such circumstances, students will be contacted to reschedule appointments once the university reopens.