The primary mission of CAPS is to support the academic mission of the university. We accomplish this by fostering the intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual, and psychological well-being of Emory students through the provision of various clinical services, community-level interventions, consultation, collaboration with campus partners, advising of student groups, and clinical training.


In service of our mission, CAPS offers an array of mental health services to support both individuals and the larger Emory community. CAPS provides free, confidential services for students including: initial screenings; crisis intervention; community referrals; brief individual and couples therapy; various types of groups (interpersonal process, support, discussion); consultation; community outreach and intervention services; a biofeedback/stress clinic; and educational workshops focused on stress management, emotion regulation, and skill building.


Emory University is invested in supporting the varied mental health needs of its diverse students, which involves attention to both individual student needs and the needs of its overall student body. This support is provided through multiple offices in addition to CAPS. For example, support is available through Student Health Services Psychiatry or Primary Care, Office of Health Promotions, Student Case Management and Intervention Services, Residence Life, Career Services, Office of Spiritual & Religious Life, Office of Undergraduate Education, etc. We believe that it is important to meet the needs of both our individual students and the overall student body in creating a healthy campus community. Within that framework, we feel fortunate, at Emory, to be able to offer such a wide breadth of support services to our students. As we move forward, we aim to build more ways of enhancing mental health services at Emory. Our goal is to continue to improve on the efficacy of our clinical services while also aspiring to make them a bit less necessary as we work collectively to make Emory an increasingly healthy campus environment for all of our students.


CAPS is committed to honoring the unique needs and concerns of all students. In order to meet the mental health needs of as many students as possible, CAPS operates from a goal-oriented therapy model. For students needing more support, we can connect them with additional CAPS services, other campus resources, or facilitate referrals to providers in the community.


Some of the services outside our scope-of-service include: psychiatric services/medication management (available instead at Student Health Services-Psychiatry), formal psychological testing, documentation for disability accommodations, court-ordered mental health treatment, and letters of support for Emotional Support Animals.

Contact and Hours of Operation

Address: 1462 Clifton Road, Suite 235, Atlanta, GA 30322
Phone: 404-727-7450
Fax: 404-727-2906
Crisis Consultation: Call 404-727-7450
Hours of Operation: 8:30-5:00, Monday-Friday

PLEASE NOTE: If Emory University is closed due to weather or other emergency, then CAPS is also closed. In such circumstances, students will be contacted to reschedule appointments once the university reopens.