Students participating in the 4-week Stress Clinic classes will pair state-of-the-art biofeedback equipment with didactic training in skills and strategies for reducing stress, anxiety, and enhancing relaxation.

Effective stress management begins with bodily relaxation because it’s difficult to feel or behave at ease when the body is tense. Tension points can range from tight shoulder muscles, to a rumbling stomach, to grinding teeth. However, it is often only when tension buildup erupts via a headache or upset stomach that we finally become aware of this tension. During the Stress Clinic classes, students will be exposed to various stress reduction techniques and exercises. Through the use of biofeedback equipment, students will learn which skills are most effective for combating their unique stress response and thus can create tailored stress management plans for themselves.

Students who are interested in the Stress Clinic classes can contact CAPS at 404-727-7450.