All Staff and Trainees 2018-2019

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Karen Griffith
Office Manager
Joined Emory: 2006

Derek Moore
Administrative Assistant
Joined Emory: 2018

Erin Wright
Joined Emory: 2020


Whitney Adams, Ph.D. (University of Texas at Austin)

Post-Doctoral Fellow

Whitney’s therapeutic style is integrative, drawing from cognitive behavioral, interpersonal, and strengths-based approaches that are framed within a multicultural context. While working with students, Whitney focuses on the therapeutic relationship to create a collaborative environment where students can freely explore their thoughts and feelings and begin the process towards change. Her clinical interests include integrated health, identity development, relationship concerns, adjustment issues, and many more. In addition to working with individuals and groups, Whitney is committed to her role as a social justice advocate and providing outreach in the community.


Kalyn Wilson, LMSW (The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

Post-MSW Graduate Fellow

Kalyn’s clinical interests include working with individuals, couples, and groups on a variety of clinical presentations, including identity development, relational and interpersonal functioning, familial concerns, self-esteem, trauma, race-related stressors, and emotional and mood concerns. She approaches her clinical work from the systems, interpersonal, and relational-cultural perspectives, and draws from intersectionality and empowerment practices to more fully support her clients through the healing process.


Alia Azmat, M.Ed. (Purdue University)

Doctoral Intern

Alia works from a trauma-informed feminist and multicultural perspective. She enjoys working with clients struggling with depression, anxiety, self-esteem, grief, interpersonal functioning, and identity development. She is especially passionate about helping clients explore their relationship to their bodies and their voice given their social identities and experiences navigating systems of power and marginalization. Alia is committed to providing culturally-responsive outreach and supporting folks via the therapeutic relationship as well as group counseling.


Camille Belle, M.Ed. (Texas A&M University)

Doctoral Intern

The foundational aspects of Camille’s counseling approach are person centered theory with a multicultural lens. Her clinical interests include but are not limited to adjustment concerns, self-worth, and individual cultural identity exploration. She is a strong proponent of social justice and aims to create space for clients to explore the impact of various systems in their lives. Camille’s goal for each client is that all therapeutic work is honest, empowering, and collaborative, in a way that honors their decision to seek help.


Katie Burns, M.A. (University of Hartford)

Doctoral Intern

Katie enjoys working with clients presenting with but not limited to obsessive compulsive disorder, disordered eating, eating disorder, body image, anxiety, trauma, first generation/low income, and relationship/interpersonal concerns. Katie’s approach to therapy is integrative with a focus on the therapeutic relationship. Katie believes that trust must be earned within the therapy space and works to build a collaborative and safe environment that promotes growth and exploration. As an integrative therapist, Katie uses interventions from cognitive behavioral, dialectical behavior, acceptance and commitment, eye movement desensitization and reprocessing, and dynamic therapies all within a multicultural and feminist context. Katie is committed to empowering and serving as an advocate for clients, as she recognizes the need for social justice both within and outside of the therapy space.​

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